Profiles, Node and Accessories

The systems ISOGON 100 and ISOGON plus are both based on our Profile No.01, offering a multitude of combinations and variations. Various profile inserts modify the cross section of the main profile. A wide selection of infill materials, the many different ways of their fastening and integrated lighting features offer enormous versatility.

Front mounting panels on both sides of the profile frame create sturdiness and high profile while offering space for hidden cabling. Transparent and airy structures can be created using glass panes and fabric banner as infill.

Lighting features come in many different ways: as florescent tube built in the profile and covered with a translucent insert profile or as track lighting, integrated or attached to the profiles.

The plus Node enhances the ISOGON 100 system, allowing the same profile being used as upright and as cross member. Unique minimalist structures are the result.

All systems are compatible with each other!



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